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Petro-Logistics S.A. is a supply-side oriented consultancy that has been specializing in the confidential analysis of sea-borne petroleum trade for the last thirty years.  This information is supplemented by accurate data on both production and transfers by pipeline to refineries and other export destinations.

Manipulation of the data enables operators to ascertain critical oil market variables such as:

  • How much of each product is exported from a particular port and/or country
  • The final destinations of each crude stream or product
  • Who is lifting what and to where

Petro-Logistics is the world’s leading independent company measuring sea-borne petroleum trade with such detail and accuracy.

Clients of Petro-Logistics include:

  • Leading Major Oil Companies
  • Worldwide Independents
  • OPEC/Non-OPEC Governments
  • National Oil Companies
  • Oil Refiners and Traders
  • Oil/Energy Finance houses
  • Tanking/Shipping Companies
  • Bankers/Investors