Shedding light in hard to see corners of the oil market

With over 35 years' experience monitoring the world's major exporters, Petro-Logistics brings unprecedented clarity to otherwise opaque crude oil and refined product trade flows

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Petro-Logistics' Value Points

Petro-Logistics is the world’s leading independent company measuring sea-borne petroleum trade with this level of detail and accuracy

Access to unique data from a long-established and robust global network of sources
Experienced human verification ensures production of the highest quality data available to the market
Weekly and monthly reports show granular statistics on export grades, destinations and lifters
Real time API Data Feeds provide users with daily updates

All important decisions are driven by information. At any given time, the quality of one's decisions depend on a combination of the timeliness, accuracy and interpretation of the information available. However, the oil market can be like a broken windshield with imperfect information obscuring the view ahead. Without clear insights, the right course of action becomes difficult to see.

From its 35 years’ monitoring crude oil and refined product trade flows, Petro-Logistics understands that accurate data is a scarce but vital resource for the myriad companies participating in the market.

Our access to hard data, combined with a depth of human experience, market knowledge and attention to detail are the critical ingredients in our work and the key differentiators from other market monitors.

Petro-Logistics' focus on shedding light in hard to see corners of the oil market has and continues to be the secret of our success in this field.

Clients of Petro-Logistics include:

Major Oil Companies
Independent Oil Companies
National Oil Companies
Physical Oil Traders
Oil Refiners
Banks and Hedge Funds
Shipping Companies
Storage Companies
Investigative Firms